GKs first Tajendi run

This evening, our first guild group, led by Remit (Gimly) ventured into Tajendi. It took us quite a while to run through it this time but it’s a learning process and next time should be much faster now we know the route and what we’re doing.

We died a few times. Including a couple of times in rather interesting ways courtesy of getting to places we weren’t supposed to be just yet and trying to kill things which we really shouldn’t have been (both of these resulted in lightning shows and a pile of dead bodies!).

Eventually, we managed to get to the temple (featured pic as we arrived – all piled on to of each other thanks to the port) and then up to meet Saban who wouldn’t have liked us much in human form…


Braemar is (well was) ours!

Late last night (or early this morning depending on how you look at it and which time zone you’re in), we decided to take our frontiers XP group into Braemar and see if we could claim the central keep. It didn’t take us too long (both doors were already down and the only defence was a couple of Hunters. We killed the Jarl and claimed the keep as you can see from the nice picture.

It wasn’t more than a couple of minutes though before a full group plus of middies showed up and started hammering on the doors. Shame they didn’t want a real fight and resorted instead to pulling the keep lord out of the room to kill him before coming in to get the rest of us. Fairly sure they’d have had a much harder time of it if they hadn’t used that exploit to get the keep back.

Still Braemar was ours for a while at least 🙂

Griffon Knight gains a guild house (at last!)

After some serious cash farming and an injection of some extra from some new guild friends, we now finally have access to our Griffon Knight guild house. Mirella and I spent a couple of hours this evening sorting out all of the contents of the house and then filled up the vault with stuff for guild members to take away 🙂

Griffon Knight grows on Uthgard

Thanks to a substantial influx of members, both old and new, the Griffon Knight guild has grown fairly rapidly on Uthgard. We’re still recruiting so if you’re interested in joining us, please find one of our members online and have a chat.

Some of the old timers who’ve returned are: Arianna, Avene, Britin, Chillidog, Crusher, Daux, Doctorno, Draksyl, Gimly, Greyshade, Gronau, Jamagei, Keres, Kevin, Kuggah, Lamagra, Lonewalker, Mirella, Ozwaldo, Rhilana, Rhuryn, Shep, Twinax, Yelisar and Zektabi

We took a full guild group to “the ant room” in Keltoi recently and oh-boy did that bring back some good old memories!

Griffon Knight joins Facebook

Well, it’s been a long time coming but Griffon Knight is finally blessed with a Facebook account! We’ve gone all-out and have both a “Facebook Page” and a “Facebook Group” (links below and in the FAQ). Hopefully this will give us the chance to connect to a whole load of old friends and start to make some more new ones!

Camelot Unchained reaches its funding target!

Camelot Unchained has reached its funding target of $2,000,000 with just over 19 hours to go. The last few hours of pledges were astonishingly fast and more than made up for the problems that the KickStarter campaign faced with the Amazon Payments system yesterday.

With 12,752 backers and $2,027,073 in funding at the time of writing, the project didn’t just reach it’s goal, it flew past with plenty of time to spare! Only now will we see what extra can be gained by the opening of PayPal pledges. Hopefully enough to reach the major stretch goal of The Depths (the RvR dungeon announced by Mark Jacobs in one of the project updates).

Griffon Knight will be working on getting a guild into Camelot Unchained as soon as it’s practical and with a good few of our members having Beta, if not Alpha access, that shouldn’t be too far away.

Now the project is funded, we still have at least 12 months before we can get into the game however, so in the meantime, why not come and join us on Uthgard – the DAoC Freeshard.

Camelot Unchained needs your support


With just over 10 days left in the Kickstarter, Camelot Unchained is at just under $1.3 million (about 63% of it’s target). It’s going to need some more support if it’s going to get funded and we’re ever going to see the game available for people to play.

If you played DAoC in the past and enjoyed RvR, now is the time to get over to the Kickstarter page and put up some of your cash to help out MJ with the development of this awesome project. Go on, you know you want to!

GK gets it’s mojo back (well it’s emblem!)

We’ve finally managed to pool together enough gold to purchase the emblem and I’m sure that all the old-school GK’s out there will be very glad to see that it’s the same emblem it has always been, just on Uthgard.


We’ve also had a fair few new recruits, so welcome to all of you!

Griffon Knight on Uthgard is looking to expand (modestly) so if you’re looking for a guild to call home and you like a laid back, casual play-style with a mixture of RvR and PvE, please feel free to pop by the forums and say hi, or speak to any of the guild in game.

DAoC… for free?

With the launch of the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter (see the last post), some of the GK’s have decided to go back and relive the memories from many years ago in DAoC. However, rather than go and play on the (somewhat easy-mode) live servers, we’ve decided to go and play on the Uthgard server.

This confers two advantages:

  • The server is “classic” which means you get the old world game without ToA, Darkness Rising or LOTM. Giving the game a much closer resemblance to the one we all originally grouped up and had fun in during the early days of DAoC.
  • Because Uthgard is a Freeshard, you don’t have to pay to play!

Interested? Come and join us by downloading the client from Uthgard.net.

Camelot Unchained

Well, the original lead on Dark Age of Camelot (Mark Jacobs) has launched a KickStarter for a new game he’s calling Camelot Unchained. You can bet your bottom dollar that GK will have a presence there (assuming it gets funded).

Quite a few of us have already pledged funds to the KS but if you’d like to add your contribution, have a look at the main KS page.

The founding principles of the game, the Kickstarter updates and the general focus of Mark Jacobs are making this one of the most exciting potential MMOs in the world today. If the game gets its funding, things should get very interesting indeed!


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