GK Rules

Guild rules / guidelines:
Please take a few moments to read these rules and guidelines. We are not, in any way, a strict or hard-core guild but we do expect a certain standard of behaviour from our members. Essentially, be polite and use common sense and you’ll get on just fine. In general, we expect our members to be courteous and respectful to other players in game and to behave maturely. However, the following misdemeanours are likely¬† to result in removal from the guild:

  • Break the Uthgard server rules found at: http://uthgard.net/rules
  • Beg for gold or items
  • Repeatedly and excessively use capitals and/or obscenities in broadcast, battlegroup, guild or group chat.
  • Spam any chat channel
  • Steal from, scam, deceive or otherwise cheat another player out of time, goods or money
  • Bully, harass or otherwise distress another player
  • Disrespect the GM, Officers or other veteran member of the guild
  • Deliberately disregard instruction from an event organiser or leader
  • Engage in any actions that adversely affects the reputation of the guild

At the heart of all of these rules and our actions as a guild are two guiding principles:

1) Have fun!

2) Real life comes first!

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