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Another new house

Thanks to some extremely generous donations from a few of our old-hands in the guild, the guild house is now up and running. Okay, we don’t have a bind stone or any of the other extras yet, but we’ll be getting those in place soon! We’re at house lot 3436 and at the point of […]

We’re back (again!)

After 16 years, Griffon Knight is back in our original home: DAoC. With the relaunch of Uthgard we’ve met up with some old friends, some more recent friends and even some completely new ones and reformed the guild on Hibernia. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the same guild emblem as we originally did (damn Hibs don’t […]

Relic Raid

The post is a little late as the relic raid in question actually happened last weekend but I’ve finally had chance to put together a movie for the raid which you can see here: Griffon Knight didn’t lead the relic raid but we took a full group along for support. As you can see […]

Scavenger hunt begins

[31/08/2013] Update: Scavenger hunt won by Marokk. Prize to be delivered sometime soon 🙂 Yesterday, the Griffon Knight scavenger hunt began! If you want in, check out the forums for the download of the Excel file and then PM Mirayla or Grayshayde in game for the password. You have one week to find as many […]

Legion and some RvR

Last night we decided to head out to Odins and see if we could annoy some Mids by taking a few keeps. Taking the keeps wasn’t a problem and we took several throughout the evening but it seems the Mids were not going to come out and play until we headed to their border keep […]

GK Moves house

Well, we haven’t actually moved house but we have upgraded to our new, shiny, two-story house. After some serious saving for the last few weeks, we now have enough spare cash for the new guild house and here it is! For members: You have full access to vault one but can only view the contents […]

GK goes from strength to strength

Griffon Knight continues to grow on Uthgard. We’ve had a substantial number of new members join us including some more old friends, people new to the game who are just starting our on Uthgard and a few people from other guilds on the old EU servers who just recognise the guild banner when they see […]

GK Guild outing to Dartmoor

One of the things we’ve always done in Griffon Knight is to try and be as inclusive as possible and one of the great things about DAOC was always that the vast majority of the zones have no restrictions on how many people you can take with you or their levels. Thanks to this, we […]

GKs first Tajendi run

This evening, our first guild group, led by Remit (Gimly) ventured into Tajendi. It took us quite a while to run through it this time but it’s a learning process and next time should be much faster now we know the route and what we’re doing. We died a few times. Including a couple of […]

Braemar is (well was) ours!

Late last night (or early this morning depending on how you look at it and which time zone you’re in), we decided to take our frontiers XP group into Braemar and see if we could claim the central keep. It didn’t take us too long (both doors were already down and the only defence was […]

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