Being a GK: Justar

Personal history

Popped onto Albion for a look around, ended up speaking to a level 40 mage (wow) at some random building in a forest. Seeing as I was only level 2 and a male character he took a great deal of interest in what I was up to. Two hours later I was invited into GK. The mage was Keres, god bless his little geeky socks.

Unlike almost every other guild I’ve been into the one thing that struck me early after joining GKs was how welcome I was in groups, regardless of whether my class was actually useful or not. People simply wanted to group guildies whether they were the right level or class and in many cases ignored the fact that you’d warn them you could be AFK for a while. I still have memories of Keres, Gimly and several others saying to me in Darkness Falls to simply /stick and go back to work (I’d skived off to see this new zone at lunch time!)

After DAOC-EU died I tried DAOC-US for a while, mostly on the classic servers. Happily engaged now (big day Sept. 09) I’ve been busy in real life, however I have still managed to try out World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Tabula Rasa. None of them even came close to the DAOC for me though, frankly they were all pale imitations.

It was in Tabula Rasa that I was recruited into the Phoenix Legion, a great group of people who in many ways remind me of GKs. Seeing as you lot were all still addicted to WoW (Which I was bored of) I hung out with PL and I must admit was mighty impressed by them! If we have the chance to fight with them I’m sure the guilds would get on well together, however I do fear us having to fight against them, they have the numbers to overwhelm just about any guild in any game! However, I’ll have my /release bind at the ready and I know the sissy-boy nick names that’ll really hurt their feelings!


Shrouded Isles, fun times we had there. I’ve still got vivid images of running around the haunted houses with some random tank and his bird (Grey and Mir) killing ghosts for no apparent reason, then the pair of them refusing to log until I’d dinged level 44 on my Minstrel..

Sparring at the bindstone in Gothwaite/S.I. – The second most pointless pass time in DAOC other than watching others spar!

Camping Odin’s gates with GKs, Grey hiding in the room above the gates and spamming spread heal whilst Mir protects him with AOE and randomly nukes anyone that she spots through a window. The rest of us below or behind the gates waiting on our call to arms!

Dragon hunts.. oh god the carnage.

The Guild

Fun, friendship and knowing that if I need a hand others will help. It’s extra – satisfying to help a fellow GK as unlike many people in these games they do actually say thanks and mean it!

I know if I’m in GKs I’ll never be bored, someone will always either want to do something for a laugh, for profit or as with some raids, just to see if it can be done!


Hopefully the GKs will find a like minded alliance of guilds in Warhammer Online.

Mostly though I hope for the chance for more great GK memories, but ultimate only for the chance to play without having to open a second account for a buff bot!!!

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