Being a GK: Jamagei

I joined GK way back in 2001, only a day after the guild was formed. I knew only one person in the guild, Axiom. He, however, knew the then GM Gondo from work, so I was a shoe in. In there met the likes of Hellequin and Nydema who are now firm real life friends. A very short while later I met an Armsman who had recently joined the guild in a place called Avalon Marsh killing scrags. Even though he was massively higher than us in level (4 whole levels!) he stayed around and helped us consdierably. His name was Greyshade (who is also a good real life friend). We played about for a few weeks then we decided that we liked each other enough to meet up. We all trapsed down to where Gondo and Axiom worked and set up our rigs in one of their offices. We played for hours and then we ended up going down to the pub for some beers. After that day, I was firmly planted in GK’s hold and loved every minute of it.

Another good memory of mine is solo in South Black Mountains, where I met a lonesome minstrel. We grouped up killing giant spiders and stayed for quite some time, having a laugh and playing about. I asked if I could recommend someone to join us, they said yes and Misterjingo joined our ranks. If not for him, I don’t think we would be going on this epic journey in WAR.

My favourite memory of all (and this is dead soppy, so I apologise) is how I met my wife. The Armsman known as Greyshade had started a relationship with one of the best Wizards in the guild, Mirella. They planned a wedding in game to show each others’ love and affection for one another. unbeknown to me one of Mirella’s friends had bought the game with the sole intention of using the 30 days free to be one of Mirella’s bridesmaids. I had no idea who it was and asked a few people and no one knew. I left it at that. A week or so later I enquired if anyone would like to group with me. Arianna was around and said she would like to. So we started our relationship killing giant chickens on salisbury plains. I later discovered she was a girl! We spent many a night just sitting around watching the sun come up and go down on a hill by the white bridge. We got married in real life in 2005 and now have 2 children!

The guild has been in many games and I have followed them to pretty much all of them. Horizons, Planetside, Starwars: Galaxies and World of Warcraft to name a few. We had split from each other recently, as we are all growing up, having kids and new jobs and moving house and wanting different things from different games, however, I have never felt that the game was complete without the GKs around me. Sure I had friends and joined a few guilds but nothing to compare with GK. I doubt we could ever get back what we had in DAoC. However, with WAR looming on the horizon and Misterjingo organising the Guild Invites for us, it has given us all common ground and the organisation to get together and start off in the same place in the same faction.

Here’s hoping to the continuation, expansion and evolution of GK, the old gits that we are!

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