Being a GK: Daux

I joined Griffon Knight about a year after it was formed in Dark Age of Camelot, a few weeks prior to the release of the first expansion. I started playing DAoC through my best mate and he suggested two guilds to me which to him stood out as top notch guilds on the server. Griffon Knight was one of these so I duly applied to join. That night I spoke with Gimly and joined the ranks.

My first 24 hours in Griffon Knight were some of the best in my time in DAoC, upon joining the guild, that same night I ventured to Darkness Falls with Tunes, Talitha and Sleeplessonecle. Neither of these people I knew at the time but welcomed me alone none the less. The following morning there was a Relic Raid on Excalibur and even though I was a low level Friar, I was invited into a group by Gimly to defend to the keep with my guild mates. I was also given a rare staff to use as I leveled up that morning, the staff was rare and from the Grandmaster Summoner, one of the most exciting enemies to encounter back then and to this day I still have that staff!

From this 24 hour period, the friendly nature and spirit was apparent of Griffon Knight and I knew I had made the right decision to join.

To me Griffon Knight are what makes online games special. Without the guild I feel I wouldn’t have lasted much more than a couple of months on DAoC and subsequently never have played another online game again. The amount of friends I have and have had from the guild is unreal and I hope some of these will be friends for life.

Without Griffon Knight, I would never have had the great times defending the frontier in DAoC, never had the humerous banter in /gu chat, never had such abuse about being northern from Britin, never have had such awesome duo’s with Rizzin and have met him for a pint, never have laughed so much when the Green Knight gave us a “Bag of Coins” and more importantly never have met such awesome people.

Striding forth to the future I hope and fully expect for the great times to continue, with new friends joining the fold and some old faces returning to the fold. Warhammer is the next journey in the life of Griffon Knight, may we continue to to share the enjoyment, laughter and friendship.

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