Legion and some RvR

Last night we decided to head out to Odins and see if we could annoy some Mids by taking a few keeps. Taking the keeps wasn’t a problem and we took several throughout the evening but it seems the Mids were not going to come out and play until we headed to their border keep and killed a few of their low levels 🙁

We took Bledmeer, upgraded the doors to level 5 each while we waited for anyone to show up… and nothing. I guess next time, we need to do something else to provoke them a little more!

A few days ago we took a couple of groups down into DF and paid a visit to Legion. To be fair, we didn’t kill him but we’ll be back when we’ve got enough level 50’s in the guild to give him a proper introduction to our ways…


We also helped out with an attempt at a relic raid which we joined and zerged through Emain, killing as much as we could, to get to the relic keep. Unfortunately there weren’t enough of us to recover the Relics but we did get as far as having all the doors in the relic keep down. So the Hibs were left with a fairly big repair bill. In future, GK will be heading up Relic raids ourselves and we intend to come back with the trophies!


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