Archive for June, 2013

GK goes from strength to strength

Griffon Knight continues to grow on Uthgard. We’ve had a substantial number of new members join us including some more old friends, people new to the game who are just starting our on Uthgard and a few people from other guilds on the old EU servers who just recognise the guild banner when they see […]

GK Guild outing to Dartmoor

One of the things we’ve always done in Griffon Knight is to try and be as inclusive as possible and one of the great things about DAOC was always that the vast majority of the zones have no restrictions on how many people you can take with you or their levels. Thanks to this, we […]

GKs first Tajendi run

This evening, our first guild group, led by Remit (Gimly) ventured into Tajendi. It took us quite a while to run through it this time but it’s a learning process and next time should be much faster now we know the route and what we’re doing. We died a few times. Including a couple of […]

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