Another new house

Thanks to some extremely generous donations from a few of our old-hands in the guild, the guild house is now up and running.

Okay, we don’t have a bind stone or any of the other extras yet, but we’ll be getting those in place soon!

We’re at house lot 3436 and at the point of putting up the guild house there were no other houses in the village so for the rest of the guild, there’s plenty of space for your personal houses.


We’re back (again!)

After 16 years, Griffon Knight is back in our original home: DAoC.

With the relaunch of Uthgard we’ve met up with some old friends, some more recent friends and even some completely new ones and reformed the guild on Hibernia. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the same guild emblem as we originally did (damn Hibs don’t have a Griffon!) so we went with something a little more abstract this time around.

Drop onto the forums to say hi (you’ll need to register) or PM one of our members in game for an invite (assuming you can get past the terrible queues!).

Who knows how long it will be for this time, but we’ll have fun while we’re here and when we move to the next game, as has always been the case, you’ll be welcome to come with us!


Camelot Unchained: Contribute now!

For anyone who missed the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter, you can now contribute to the development of this new MMO. City Scape Entertainment have now opened their Builder’s Tiers for everyone and you can choose to support them with anything from $35 up to $425 with payments being taken by PayPal. If you’re interested in supporting the project, have a look here:

At the current time, they are working towards their first major stretch goal target for The Depths (which is basically Darkness Falls for those of you who’ve played DAoC in the past, but with a lot more cool stuff!).

Uthgard shut-down

Recently the DAoC Freeshard, Uthgard announced it’s shut-down for a major overhaul. This news follows swiftly on the heels of the launch of the competitor shard Origins but the Uthgard staff claim this has little or nothing to do with the changes. It seems unlikely though that a decimation of their player base hasn’t at least impacted their decision somewhat.

Many of the GKs who were playing on the Uthgard server have now moved over to Origins so if you’re looking for us then that’s where you need to go now!

The full announcement from Uthgard is included here:


We’ve come down a very long road together. Eleven years have passed since Uthgard was started. Since the launch back in 2003 the server has evolved a lot. We’ve gone through many changes together. From a pure 3D chat without a working melee and spell system to a complex game engine. There has always been a lot to do for us to keep your game experience as enjoyable as possible. Although all of the changes that Uthgard has seen were always meant to make this server better, we have also made mistakes. Some of those mistakes that had little influence back then, but led to bigger issues much later and caused trouble that we are facing in these days.

In the past there have been issues with incorrect drop rates which led to a high gap between the wealth of older and newer players. Some players were able to buy anything they wanted while others had to work for a long time to obtain the same wealth. In addition, non-classic DAoC items were introduced in the game which made drops from original bosses unwanted. This led to people farming in instanced regions in small groups instead of gathering as a realm to conquer enemies. Unfortunately these items were too strong for our envisioned classic setting. Since they were introduced, they couldn’t simply be removed or adjusted later without significant impact to the players who worked to obtain them.

Not only the PvE is affected by Uthgard’s history – the RvR is affected as well. Compared to the server’s population over the last few years, in the beginning there were fewer people in the game. When more and more people were attracted by this server, those who had been in this game for a long time already had high realmranks, items and money from previous settings which newer players don’t have access to anymore. The gap between old and new players became bigger and along with it, the attitude of a lot of players changed. While the server population grew, the RvR population didn’t as much. This caused the endgame RvR to become more and more an elitist’s game where other’s couldn’t compete and stopped trying or re-rolled for battlegrounds over and over.

We are aware of the fact that there have been missing features all the time, such as class abilities, pets or certain RvR features for keeps and relics. We always had this in mind, but we got distracted and worked on other issues in detail. Another example is the development of the old realm abilities. We have been talking about this for too long.

All of these problems have led to the situation we’re in: Our population is back to where it was years ago. The player count is dropping day by day and there isn’t really anything good we could tell you about this. We want to get these things straight now. That’s why we have decided to shut down the server until we have worked this out. We do not want to offer an incomplete server any longer. We want to focus on all of the current problems as fast as possible, which is not possible with a running server that needs to be supported.

There have been many suggestions from the community about how to solve the problems mentioned above. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get to more balanced and consistent structures in the game. We have tried to find solutions in the past and they have all failed. In order to offer a good DAoC experience in the future, we have come to the conclusion that the best thing for the server is a fresh start. You can trust us that this is a once in a lifetime occurrence and its not easy for us. We know it is hard for all of you, our loyal players, and we feel with you! However nobody wants an empty server. Newcomers must be included into the community and they must have the feeling to stand a chance. For DAoC to work, a crowded server is important. We will focus on missing features to be in good shape for a big comeback. After this we will see which alliances, guilds or players will spread the most fear among their enemies!

The Uthgard game server will be closed on Monday, January 27th, at 01:00 CET and we will start a major revamp. We can’t give you any estimated date when the server will be back online, because we don’t know. We will announce on Facebook and will send e-mails to forum and game users when the server is ready. Our goal remains delivering the highest quality pre-ToA, pre-NF, classic DAoC gameplay for you.

Kind regards,
Your Uthgard Staff

Relic Raid

The post is a little late as the relic raid in question actually happened last weekend but I’ve finally had chance to put together a movie for the raid which you can see here:

Griffon Knight didn’t lead the relic raid but we took a full group along for support. As you can see from the video, it was a blast and we ended up coming back with not just our own strength relic but both of the other realms as well!

Scavenger hunt begins

[31/08/2013] Update: Scavenger hunt won by Marokk. Prize to be delivered sometime soon πŸ™‚

Yesterday, the Griffon Knight scavenger hunt began! If you want in, check out the forums for the download of the Excel file and then PM Mirayla or Grayshayde in game for the password.

You have one week to find as many items on the list as you can (there are some tie-breaker items just to make sure someone can be declared winner). Whoever gets the most items on the list will win. There is a prize but no-one knows what it is….. yet πŸ™‚

Legion and some RvR

Last night we decided to head out to Odins and see if we could annoy some Mids by taking a few keeps. Taking the keeps wasn’t a problem and we took several throughout the evening but it seems the Mids were not going to come out and play until we headed to their border keep and killed a few of their low levels πŸ™

We took Bledmeer, upgraded the doors to level 5 each while we waited for anyone to show up… and nothing. I guess next time, we need to do something else to provoke them a little more!

A few days ago we took a couple of groups down into DF and paid a visit to Legion. To be fair, we didn’t kill him but we’ll be back when we’ve got enough level 50’s in the guild to give him a proper introduction to our ways…


We also helped out with an attempt at a relic raid which we joined and zerged through Emain, killing as much as we could, to get to the relic keep. Unfortunately there weren’t enough of us to recover the Relics but we did get as far as having all the doors in the relic keep down. So the Hibs were left with a fairly big repair bill. In future, GK will be heading up Relic raids ourselves and we intend to come back with the trophies!


GK Moves house

Well, we haven’t actually moved house but we have upgraded to our new, shiny, two-story house. After some serious saving for the last few weeks, we now have enough spare cash for the new guild house and here it is!

For members: You have full access to vault one but can only view the contents of the second vault. If there’s anything in there you want, you’ll need to contact an officer or the Guild Master to request it be removed and passed on to you.

GK goes from strength to strength

Griffon Knight continues to grow on Uthgard. We’ve had a substantial number of new members join us including some more old friends, people new to the game who are just starting our on Uthgard and a few people from other guilds on the old EU servers who just recognise the guild banner when they see us!

We’re heading towards running Dragon and Relic raids in the not too distant future and we’re planning to grow further so if you’re looking for a home on the server, let us know either in-game or on our forums.

GK Guild outing to Dartmoor

One of the things we’ve always done in Griffon Knight is to try and be as inclusive as possible and one of the great things about DAOC was always that the vast majority of the zones have no restrictions on how many people you can take with you or their levels.

Thanks to this, we recently took a large number of guild members on an outing to Dartmoor and killing everything which got in our way. We even payed a visit to the dragon’s house but he wasn’t home πŸ™

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